About Us
About Our Business

Interstate Engineering Ltd., is a full service engineering company established in 1980 with a genuine
commitment to professional, affordable & personalized service. Our partners and staff come from a wide
range of backgrounds which provides our customers with versatility and stability. With over thirty years
experience, Interstate Engineering has earned a stellar reputation for its comprehensive services.

Mission Statement

Interstate Engineering Ltd. is committed to engineering excellence and offering our clients a high level of
product quality, efficiency and service.

QUALITY - The quality of our products are the most important missions we have at IEL.

EFFICIENCY - Through our commitment to state-of-the-art design technology, CAD software and the latest
in design software, we offer our clients safe, economical and easy-to-operate and maintain equipment
produced in a timely manner.

SERVICE - Every staff member at IEL is committed to providing professional, personal and quality service to
our clients. As key members of the design team, we recognize the importance of cooperation among the
design professionals.

OUR PHILOSOPHY - "Commitment to our customers"

We are totally committed to our customers, helping their business succeed while working to improve that
personal relationship with them at every opportunity.

To accomplish this mission, IEL is committed to achieving these goals:

       Serving our clients needs to help them accomplish their goals

       Maintaining a profitable organization to allow us to serve our clients efficiently and adequately

       Protecting the public welfare to the best of our ability

       Maintain a qualified and adequate staff

       Practicing engineering with a high level of professionalism

       To furnish first class work at reasonable rates

We do business right!

At Interstate, we constantly provide the expected Quality Products, Superb engineering, Timely delivery and expert service.
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